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Welcome to The Skillsmith

The Skillsmith is owned and operated by Edward Mahon, a seasoned software consultant in Canada's national IT industry with 30 years of hands-on IT project experience with various prominent companies and organizations across the country.   Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Edward has been independently consulting as a software architect/developer for more than 15 years, consistently active on short and long-term development projects, ranging from government contracts to small business web sites.   During the past decade, in parallel with ongoing contracts, significant focus has also been given to developing and teaching online and instructor-lead technical courses for corporate training, personal tutoring, and ministry-recognized college programs for clients and institutions in and around the Ottawa area.
With extensive experience across a wide range of software environments and business domains, this exposure has resulted in a broad understanding of software, networking, and the underpinning architectures and frameworks of modern, leading-edge technologies.   Some examples of hands-on experience in these technology domains include:
  • low-level telecommunications/networking
  • desktop applications
  • web and mobile development
  • enterprise solutions
  • learning management systems (LMS)
  • geographic information systems (GIS)
  • real-time digital multi-media systems
  • project and financial systems
  • health care systems
  • enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems integration
  • encryption and security
  • operating system virtualization
  • content management systems (CMS)
  • client/server and N-tier architectures
  • system upgrades and data migrations
  • Microsoft and Linux environments and platforms

Within these various projects over the past few decades, Edward has lead and participate in a broad range of roles, including Systems Analyst, Senior Software Architect/Developer, Project Manager, and Division Manager. As of mid-2019, Edward has passed the torch after 3 years of refining and teaching the 1-year Mobile Software Development Program, developed for Willis College in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Edward is currently involved in part-time roles through several consulting firms and available for software project contracts.

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